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Easy connections wherever your clients are.

If you're a travel company looking to improve customer engagement and streamline communication, using WhatsApp can help.

Here are some key features and benefits:

Simplify your customer service

Real-time communication

Quickly respond to client queries and provide assistance when it's needed most, enhancing their overall experience with your brand.

Personalized and targeted messages

Send tailored messages to customers based on their holiday preferences and previous interactions with your brand, such as personalized travel recommendations and special offers.

Broadcast multimedia messaging

Share images, videos, and other multimedia content over personalised broadcast messages to your customers, showcasing your travel services and destinations.

Increased customer loyalty

By providing a convenient and easy-to-use chat service, you can build stronger client relationships and differentiate your service by being easy to deal with.

In addition, you can also use WhatsApp webchat for your travel company's website.

Here are some key benefits:


WhatsApp webchat allows customers to easily connect with your business directly from your website, without having to switch to a different messaging platform or application. This makes it more convenient for clients to communicate with you, and can help reduce friction compared to using web based forms.

Improved response times

By using WhatsApp webchat, you can provide customers with faster response times, as you can receive and respond to messages directly from your desktop (and soon from your mobile) whilst they browse your site. This means you can address customer queries and concerns quicker than if they were to send you an email.

Increased engagement

WhatsApp webchat can help to increase customer engagement and satisfaction, as it provides a more direct and personal form of communication. This can help to build stronger relationships with your clients, and can lead to increased loyalty and repeat business.

Personalised broadcasts

If you’re managing a large group of travelers, WhatsApp can make it easy to reach out to all members with personalised messages (e.g. flight time changes, departure times, tour information), saving you time. They can then reply to you with an individual response, making it easy for you to provide a bespoke service. 

Proactive connection

Using WhatsApp webchat can be invaluable for continuing the conversation after your client finishes browsing. Rather than the conversation disappearing or being buried in a back-up email, you can proactively reach out to continue the conversation at a time that’s more convenient for the client (and for you). It’s a great way of providing timely support or completing a sale.

There are many advantages to using WhatsApp for your travel company's communications and website.

By providing a more convenient and personalized form of communication, you can:

Improve customer engagement



Streamlining your communication processes

Improving response times

Simplify your customer service