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Get your clients' attention

For professional services businesses such as law firms and accountancy practices, connecting with clients over phone and email can be a frustrating and time consuming experience.

Increasing use of social media and mobile messaging often means clients' attention has switched to these more convenient channels.

Plus, if your firm's website isn't enabled for chat, you could be missing a valuable opportunity to convert web visitors to new business.

At Converso, we help you address these challenges.


of customers would prefer to interact via WhatsApp or SMS than a phone call.

Source: Twilio


According to recent studies, consumers only open 1 in 4 emails they receive.

Source: Flowroute Nationwide Survey

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Boost your productivity

With Converso, all messaging channels such as WhatsApp, SMS, webchat and Messenger, are brought together into one place, making it easy for you to meet clients where they are, on their favourite channel.

No need to give out your personal mobile number and stress about finding time to send that reply!

Now clients can get rapid response to questions, and regular case updates directly from your team, without having to search through their spam folders or overcrowded inboxes.

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Managing messages at scale

Conversations are managed via a central team inbox which is shared with all your support staff and fee earners, enabling conversations to be assigned to the most appropriate person.

This results in more effective collaboration around a client's requirements, and therefore quicker response.

Conversations can also be set with visibility restricted to certain users (such as a fee earner and their support team) so client confidentiality is always maintained. 

Auto assign conversations

With Converso, you get a new business number (or port over a number that you already own) for your WhatsApp and SMS business messaging.

Chats can be auto assigned to specific teams for quicker responses and less human involvement. For generic enquiries, chatbots can be deployed to streamline the process.

For multiple locations or special campaigns, create new groups with additional inboxes and numbers in order to keep business operations separate.

Capture more online enquiries

With Converso, you can also use your WhatsApp business number on your website by embedding it in a simple click-to-chat button or installing a webchat widget. This makes it easy for potential clients to start a chat with a human agent or chatbot whilst browsing your site.

Key use cases for Converso

There are many ways you can use Converso to improve the client experience, and make your firm more productive:

Send links for easy meeting or appointment booking.

Make it quicker to onboard clients through easier document sending.

Auto-send reminders and payment links via text and WhatsApp when invoices become overdue.

Collect payment of fees through integrated invoicing.

Capture prospect interest on your website with immediate chat on their mobile phone.

Save new prospect details for later re-engagement.

For law firms, send personalised broadcast messages for class actions cases.

For accountants, send tax deadline information for the end of the VAT period or end of the tax year.

Send timely notifications

For keeping clients upto date on their case or matter, automations can be triggered from your CMS or PMS when certain events, such as a new client signup, are completed.

These automated notifications can be delivered to the client over personalised WhatsApp messages or SMS.

This results in a happy client, as they're kept in the loop, and a time saving for you, thanks to Converso's seamless integration with third party systems.

What tangible benefits can you expect to see when using Converso?

By providing an ability to connect with your clients over chat, you can differentiate yourself from your competitors by making your services more convenient to use, and your firm easier to work with. 

A reduction in time spent chasing up clients on phone or email, in order to obtain client documents, fix appointments etc.

Happier clients due to faster response times.

A higher conversion rate of visitors to leads from your website.

Faster payment collection, and improvement in your cashflow.

Power your helpdesk with AI

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Maintain GDPR compliance

If personal WhatsApp accounts are used at work, then chances are client conversations are spread across your staff’s inboxes and devices, making it difficult to capture all message contents and confidential information.

This can lead to non-compliance, as it’s almost impossible to search for and retrieve conversations for client review, or delete conversations and associated client data if you are requested to do so.

Converso helps you maintain compliance with your WhatsApp messaging by capturing all messages in a central team inbox. 

Here users have access to the conversations (if authorized), enabling easy customer audits and reviews. 

In the case where there is a request and obligation to delete client information, including conversation and contact details, this action can be completed easily via central management, saving time and more importantly providing peace of mind that you’re not at risk of being non-compliant.