Our mission

Converso is on a mission to help small service businesses interact and transact digitally with their remote customers, but without the associated costs and complexity of big company tech.

We do this by providing easy-to-use messaging and payment services that save businesses time and money, whilst offering mobile customers unrivalled flexibility and choice.

We are integrators of communications and payments technology, helping businesses serve their remote customers in the simplest, most convenient way.

Our team

Chris Barley

Chris has extensive startup product development experience, successfully launching a number of high growth SaaS communications and billing services.

Gianluca Bonetti

Gianluca is a senior Java architect, and has built invoicing and payments systems for both large retail organizations and small service businesses.

Emilie West

Emilie has significant experience in Financial Services marketing and branding and is also a Non-executive Director of Events & Communications agency Live Group.

Jamie McDonnell

Jamie is an experienced front end developer, specializing in visual design, user flows, wireframes and application design.

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