Our mission

Converso's mission is to make it easy for businesses to use AI to enhance customer support, without the need for substantial investment or specialist knowledge.

AI is especially effective for improving the customer support experience for technical businesses, or those with complex product offerings.

Examples include professional services companies such as insurance, finance, law or accounting, and businesses such as SaaS (software as a service) and tech manufacturing.

The result is that these businesses can now provide AI-powered customer service, without big-company technical skills or funding - and also provide a level of support not matched with a human-only helpdesk.

happy team with phones in their hands

Our vision

In the not-too-distant future, customer-facing teams will increasingly use AI for every stage of the customer journey.

This paradigm shift in customer support will leverage AI's ability to provide quick and accurate responses from a wide variety of information sources and business content.

Product discovery, payment, after sales support, service renewal - AI Assistants can manage all these conversations over multiple channels, escalating to human agents only when required for more complex enquiries. This will save many hours of agent time and effort.

Customers will benefit too as personalization becomes the norm.

Imagine eliminating that frustrating search in your inbox for that anonymous "no-reply" email which contains somewhere your service and payment details, buried in a wordy 10 page PDF!

Soon you will just be able to quiz your personal AI Assistant, across any channel, for instant response on any topic.  

Customer facing applications that are traditionally separate, such as CRM, ticketing and invoicing, will become a single information source.

This means that AI Assistants, working with AI agents, can provide more accurate answers by using data from all relevant departments and applications, rather than relying on siloed data from one application.

This convergence of support, marketing and sales data will help businesses provide a seamless, enhanced customer journey, making life easier for customers and agents alike.

Our team

Chris Barley

Chris has extensive startup product development experience, successfully launching a number of high growth SaaS communications and billing services.

Gianluca Bonetti

Gianluca is a senior Java architect, and has built invoicing and payments systems for both large retail organizations and small service businesses.

Emilie West

Emilie has significant experience in Financial Services marketing and branding and is also a Non-executive Director of Events & Communications agency Live Group.

Jamie McDonnell

Jamie is an experienced front end developer, specializing in visual design, user flows, wireframes and application design.