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Save agent time with your own AI chatbot

Reduce your workload answering customer questions by deploying an AI chatbot (powered by ChatGPT) to do it for you!

Integrate the chatbot with your support workflow so more complex enquiries are easily transferred to your team of agents.

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Tailored replies based on your data

Build your own custom chatbot (based on ChatGPT) that provides accurate, on-topic responses to customer's product and technical question. No human input required!

Trained on your website, help documents, knowledge base articles, videos, support emails etc

No more search boxes - just replies in natural language, in your own tone

Simple set up takes just a few minutes - upload your data, and your chatbot is ready to go!

Provide support anytime, anywhere

Customers nowadays demand rapid response, wherever they are. Now you can connect instantly, 24/7, over popular channels such as webchat, WhatsApp, SMS, or use a branded link.

Easy and convenient for customers to access support via their phone number, or via a QR code

Add a webchat widget to your site to provide prospects and browsers quick responses to product and support questions

Paste a link in online adverts, newsletters etc so customers can chat about your product via a dedicated chat window

Easy handover when an agent is required

All agent and bot chats are saved in a shared team inbox for visibility and assignment.

Chats for a human are assigned to the inbox of an agent(s) for quick response

Spot trends in questions from review of customers' chats, and use it to refine your chatbot's response

Add team notes to chats for more productive collaboration with other agents

Convert visitors into customers

Increase conversion rates with automated lead engagement

Capture contact details

Chatbot captures phone number and email as part of the conversation

Create new contact

Contact details are saved against a new customer ID

Proactively engage

Chatbot uses WhatsApp or SMS to reach out to the customer as part of the same chat

Close the sale

Send checkout link in the conversation to make the sale and collect payment

Benefits of using an AI chatbot

Automate your support and sales processes and give your agents superpowers!

Blend AI and human agents to provide quicker, more accurate responses to customers' questions, 24/7

Work as a team with the chatbot, and set criteria for when the chat should be transferred to a human

Coming soon: customer login for personalised AI, so the chatbot can answer questions on the customer's own data

Send invoices and checkouts as part of the chat so you can convert browsers to customers in the same conversation

Realtime feed of all AI conversations helps analyse trends, and can be shared amongst your team

Archive all conversations in one secure central repository for GDPR compliance

Save time and effort

Your customer support chatbot means that agents aren't required during anti-social hours to provide customer responses PLUS it assists agents for when they do need to answer a message:

Prompts on best answer to help agent draft a response

Chatbot responses are transferred for context so no need to repeat details, saving time for agents and customers

Coming soon - conversation summaries provided so the agent is quickly upto speed on topic and content


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