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Engage with clients more effectively over WhatsApp, webchat, Messenger and SMS. Save time by managing all conversations from one inbox. Keep GDPR compliant with centralised archiving.

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Engage with your clients via WhatsApp and SMS for a higher response rate.


of Europeans who made a late payment say that they had just forgotten to pay their bills.

Source: Intrum European Customer Payment 2019


of WhatsApp messages are opened, compared to just 20% of emails.

Source: Gartner


of all mobile messages are read in under 3 minutes.

Source: Twilio

Share one team inbox

Assign conversations to specific staff members for more efficient message handling.

Maintain confidentiality

Define specific staff members to have visibility of certain conversations so your client's messages remain confidential.

Work as a team

All messages, notes, client details and internal chat are managed in one place - no more data siloed in multiple inboxes, or stuck on personal devices.

Compliance peace of mind

All conversations are archived in tamper-proof storage, for easy auditing and client reviews. Client data is exportable to management and storage systems.

Simplify payment collection

Enable your clients to pay you seamlessly as part of a conversation.

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Get paid quicker

Send your payment request via WhatsApp or SMS to be sure it gets noticed and actioned.

Improve the experience

Offer clients the convenience of two-click card or bank payment, without any data input.

Reduce bookkeeping time

Sync with invoices in Xero and Quickbooks and automate payment reconciliation.

Engage more online visitors

Use a WhatsApp chat button, a number with embedded WhatsApp link, or a QR code, and make it easier for browsers to build an ongoing conversation from your website, compared to a standard webchat service.

No need to reply immediately

WhatsApp messages are asynchronous so don’t require immediate response, making it easier for an agent to reply when time permits.

More convenient for the client

A WhatsApp webchat conversation remains open after the browser session ends, so your prospect can respond when it’s convenient for them.

Enables ongoing engagement

With WhatsApp you can proactively follow up with a client after they initially make contact - ideal for upselling or ongoing support.

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Why do I need the
WhatsApp Business API?

When using the standard WhatsApp app, your business's messages are spread across the personal accounts of your team, and are stuck in siloed inboxes. With the WhatsApp Business API, all your messages are captured, stored and easily managed via one single inbox.

siloed inboxessingle inbox

The API also has other benefits over the standard WhatsApp app:

Templates and chatbots

Create WhatsApp message templates with rich media (images, video), call to action buttons for quick response, and chatbots for saving agent time.

Broadcast messages

Reach out to 1000s of contacts with personalised message templates and detailed delivery reports.

Third party integrations

Converso’s API allows easy integration with third party software apps, such as CRM , accounting, payments, and PMS.

GDPR compliance

Using personal WhatsApp accounts in business messaging can result in untracked and unknown client conversations. This makes it difficult to manage client communications and data, and can lead to GDPR non-compliance. Converso enables management of all messages from the same inbox, with the following benefits:


All messages are captured in centralised secure storage for quick retrieval, and easy deletion if required by the client.


User permissions restrict unauthorized access to client conversations.


Viewing of conversations can be restricted to specific users to maintain client confidentiality

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