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Manage customer support messages and send payment requests via one shared WhatsApp inbox. Assign conversations to users for improved team productivity.

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Raise profile

Engage with your customers via WhatsApp and text for a higher response rate.


of Europeans who made a late payment say that they had just forgotten to pay their bills.

Source: Intrum European Customer Payment 2019


of mobile messages are opened, compared to just 20% of emails.

Source: Gartner


of all mobile messages are read in under 3 minutes.

Source: Twilio

Share one inbox

Assign conversations to multiple agents for more efficient message handling.

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Create conversations

Flexibility to connect with customers and resolve queries in one conversation, without needing to raise multiple support tickets.

Work as a team

All messages, notes and customer details are managed in one place, accessible by all the team - no more data stuck on personal devices!

Be compliant

Archive all conversations in tamper-proof, searchable storage, for easy auditing and file reviews.

Simplify payments

Enable your customers to pay you quickly as part of a conversation.

Automate follow-ups

Create workflows to send automated payment reminders and thank you messages over multiple channels.

Provide payment choice

Offer customers greater convenience with a selection of payment methods - Pay by Bank or Pay by Card.

Integrate with accounts

Connect with accounting apps Xero and Quickbooks for automated reconciliation of payments with invoices.

Boost cashflow

Easier payments brings the money in - avoid invoices going to email spam, and customers logging in to unfamiliar payment sites to input long card numbers.

Raise visibility

Get your invoices actioned with text's high open rate - 5x that of email!

Increase security

SCA and PCI DSS compliance increases security over desktop payments.

Engage directly

Customers can chat with support directly from the invoice to resolve queries fast.

Reduce friction

Customers pay with Apple Pay, GPay and Pay by Bank in just a couple of clicks.

Save time

Cut out chasing outstanding invoices with automated text reminders.

Look professional

Send invoices and checkouts optimized for mobile, with your own domain and branding.

Message, engage, get paid!

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Delight customers

Make payments so simple, it's no effort to pay on time.


Customers can chat with support, with order and payment details already present in the conversation.


Using your own subdomain as your payment site URL verifies that the payment request is from you.

Peace of mind

Paying with Pay by Bank and a mobile wallet uses biometric security, and enables Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

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Data security

Your customers’ data security is our top priority.

SSL encryption

all browser sessions with Converso are over HTTPS to maintain the highest level of data security during the payment process.

SCA compliance

all Euro cards used for payments comply with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) as defined in the EU’s PSD2 financial directive

Card data

all card data is tokenised to protect against fraud. All endpoints are 256bit encrypted, with no external access to payment servers.

GDPR compliance

all customer message and payment history is saved compliant with the EU’s GDPR standards.

PCI compliance

Converso is fully PCI DSS compliant to Service Provider Level 1 (as provided through Stripe). No card data is stored by Converso.

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Pay by Bank – offer customers more security and convenience

Bank payments in a couple of clicks - with zero transaction fees!

Pay by Bank - a better way to get paid

Pay by Bank is a new payment option based on Open Banking, offering lower costs and greater security than traditional card payments.

Save money!

Cut transaction fees by over 90% compared to card payments.

Instant payment

Your customer's money arrives in your bank account in just a few seconds.

Increase security

There are no third party card processors, eliminating card security risks and PCI DSS scope.

Easier for customers

Unlike bank transfers, there's no need to input account number or sort code, making payment quick and simple.

No chargebacks

Unlike card payments, there are no chargebacks with Pay by Bank, reducing support costs and lost revenue.

Speed up payment of your Xero invoices

Integrate with Xero in just a few seconds, and start sending invoices and reminders via text and WhatsApp to your mobile-first customers.

Find out more here
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Message, engage, get paid!

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