Save agent time with AI-powered customer support

Reduce agent message volumes by 50% whilst improving customer service levels. Deploy your AI Agent across multiple channels.




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"Converso’s AI helpdesk has reduced the volume of insurance policy queries that the support team answer by at least 50%, through easy integration of our AI Agent with our human agents. Together with a future use for lead gen, it has the potential to revolutionize our business!"

Aaron Valente

Director, Key Health Partnership

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Increase helpdesk productivity

AI Agents provide first line customer support, answering questions with high quality answers, freeing up human agents for more complex tasks.

Automate first line support

Deploy your own AI Agent "trained" on your product and company data, so it answers customer queries without "hallucinating".

Handover to human agent

Assign more complex AI chats to a human agent, or save customer's email and phone number for later follow-up.

View chat transcripts

Messages from AI Agent are displayed in team inbox for context, so no need for customers to repeat previous chat.

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Boost customer satisfaction

Customers often struggle to find answers to common questions from a business website or product datasheet. AI Agents can easily provide answers from a wide range of company information.

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Fast, accurate responses

AI Agent retrieves relevant data from your knowledge base or website, and responds to customers accurately and instantly, increasing trust.

Seamless Agent Input

Seamless human input

For more in-depth questions, no need to raise a ticket and wait for a reply - a human agent can jump in during the chat.

Customer Portal Coming Soon

Customer portal (coming soon)

Users can log in to view their chat history, review documents, pay invoices - at their own convenience.

How to get started

You can "bring your own AI Agent" (or we can build it for you) and integrate it with your Converso helpdesk, in a few minutes, without any code.


Build an AI Agent

Create an Assistant on OpenAI or build an agent on Voiceflow, and train it on your data.


Create your helpdesk

Connect to Converso, deploy your AI Agent across multiple communication channels, define groups, invite agents, and import contacts.


Chat with your customers!

Now you're ready to answer customers' queries 24/7, with ability to scale if you need.

Power your helpdesk with AI

We make it easy to build your own AI Agent, provide access to customers over multiple channels, and integrate it with your support team.

Reach customers wherever they are

Deploy your AI Agent on your customers’ favourite channel to provide true omnichannel customer support.

Integrate AI Agent with livechat agents

Integrate AI Assistant with Livechat Agents


Use the WhatsApp Business API to receive customer messages and send responses. Set up in a couple of minutes, no code required.


Add our widget to your website to livechat with your customers. Or embed a link on a page on your site, or on social media.

SMS and more...

Connect over SMS, with Messenger, Instagram, Slack coming soon….

Boost lead generation

If you delay responding to customers' queries, you can loose sales. With a lead generation AI Agent, you can respond instantly to your prospects' questions, increasing close rate.

Schedule a call

Fix a date when it's more convenient for your customer to talk

Involve a human

Handover to a sales agent during the chat when there's an intent to buy

Add contact to CRM

Save your prospect's name, email and phone number in Contacts, or populate in external CRM

WhatsApp follow up

Proactively follow up webchat with an automated WhatsApp message, or create an outbound campaign

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Collaborate as a team

Make it easy to manage customer conversations on multiple channels by working as a team around one space.

Converso Dashboard

One shared team inbox

Multi-channel messages, internal chat, notes etc are all managed in one inbox. No more messages spread across different inboxes or stuck on personal devices.

Multiple groups

Create workspaces for each AI Agent or OpenAI Assistant, each with its own inbox for easy demarcation. Define agents and create logins specific for each group.

Transfer chats

Make sure the most skilled team member responds to a customer question, increasing the team’s productivity.

Power your helpdesk with AI

We make it easy to build your own AI Agent, provide access to customers over multiple channels, and integrate it with your support team.

Automate workflows

We use Voiceflow to automate communication and backoffice processes. This helps save time and increases efficiency for repeated actions.

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Automate actions

Fetch user data, collect a payment, create a calendar event - multiple actions can be part of a single workflow

Connect apps

Upload customer info to your CRM, or extract financial data from your accounting app - with APIs it's easy to connect to other systems

Personalise communications

Use latest customer data to populate messages in your chat for that personal touch

Benefits of an intelligent helpdesk

Add AI to your helpdesk and give your agents superpowers!

No need to work anti-social hours

AI keeps going 24/7, taking away the need for agents to work out-of-hours

More rewarding work

Human agents now have the time to add real value to customers by working on more strategic issues

Coming soon

Customer login

Customer login for personalised AI, so the AI Agent can answer questions specifically on the customer's own data

Coming soon

Spot trends

AI can analyze and summarise conversations, identify trends and be proactive in tackling upcoming issues

GDPR compliance

All conversations are archived in a tamper-proof secure central repository, providing GDPR compliance and easy auditing*

Message confidentiality

Define which staff members have visibility of defined customers’ conversations

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